v2.0 by Beni Syahroni,S.Pd.I (2019-2020) Versions of Protocol WP



By: Beni Syahroni,S.Pd.I

  1. Abstract
    What is Benscoin, benscoin is the Cryptocurrency based on the Ethereum Platform ERC-20 Token, Benscoin are the DeFi Currency for Decentralized Abstract Assets, it’s the Assets for the Trade and Saving Value, with the 7 Decimals and total supply of 71.000.000 Million BSC, benscoin are the digital with good based on value for the whole future Technology .

  2. About Benscoin
    Benscoin have the Different Protocol based on the Ethereum Blockchain, in the first versions of Benscoin which are this Smart-Contract: 0xAb418c5A8a85f9cC0fbA1802a57a30Bf7dB34d7C, now has been upgraded into this Protocol Smart-Contract of Benscoin: 0xcfAD57a67689809CdA997f655802a119838c9ceC, with the same Supply filled and same Symbol and Name, demands and users can Swap the Old BSC into the Newest BSC with the Upgraded Verified Protocol until 30 August 2020, base on the Malfunction on the first Benscoin Protocol, now the New Protocol are the very strong Coding in it, with the Partnership of US Coding, Benscoin now are the Safest Assets even on the Protocol of the Market and Exchange.

  3. What the Difference
    The Different is with the basic Coding Encrypted on the Blockchain, some of the Market Exchange can have some big Control to dump the Protocol for Benscoin, with now, the Global Open-Source of Protocol Benscoin 2.0, there’s much higher +64% safer and safest assets on the Value and also in the Digits.

  4. Found
    Found and Implemented in 2019, Benscoin are the first Indonesia Protocol Higher Cryptocurrency with the Ethash Technology of Hash, also the faster and 70% less of failure of systems. Benscoin were created with Solidity base pragma system Coding, the best way to get anti-failure system works on the open-source project of Pragma and Solidity.

  5. TrustWorthy Value
    BSC are the Cryptocurrency with non-depending or Custody Value, mean every each of Benscoin are the Freedom value, it’s Accepted with the Demands Agreement, also with the 7 Decimals of each digit of BSC, benscoin can be very easy and good to work with the Calculations even on the Big calculations. Benscoin are the 0x Smart-Contract Value, it is the Assets of the People (used as the Global Transactions).

  6. 0x – Assets
    As it’s the Global Open-Source project, benscoin are the 0x Smart-Contract, Supported on many Wallet and many Market Exchange Platform that support 0x Smart-Contract of Assets Trading pair.

  7. Security
    The Security of the BSC are that users that keep the Mnemonic and Private Key for their Wallets. (and never share them as Public and someone).

  8. DeFi – EcoSystem
    The DeFi (Decentralized Finance) EcoSystem, the EcoSystem works on the Decentralized Peer-to-Peer Transactions also in the Market Pair trade, people can freely use Benscoin to earn Goods profits and earnings income from it’s real-Value Price. (with none-fake Valued works on Benscoin, benscoin can be one of the Trusted Assets in the Worldwide Open-Source).

  9. StableCoin (Compare with Real Value Estate) by US
    StableCoin (SBC) is a stablecoin fully backed by Fiat Currency e.g > the US dollar and developed by the CENTRE consortium. Company customers with US dollar accounts may exchange 1 SBC for US$1.00 (and vice versa) on Company in jurisdictions where SBC support is available. The graph above reflects SBC’s current and historical redemption value of US$1.00, which may not match the price of SBC on other exchanges. SBC is an Ethereum token and is the only stablecoin currently supported by Company.

  10. System of Payment
    the Way system payment works on the Decentralized Platform with Crypto Benscoin is Trust! and Value! the more Agreement and Demands used Benscoin as their Payment system, Benscoin can be one of the Solutions for Breaking Trust issues, people can use Benscoin for Payment such as: things, internet data, and profit earnings, also many more. With the basic and base simple way to Transfers the Benscoin (holders could use Wallet for the Transactions with the cut-off Fee’s of ETH) and users can really make easy Transactions with Transparency Blockchain Technology, recorded all the data even the failure payment error 404,  BSC are the Digital-Money with base of Peer-To-Peer Electronic Cash System.

  11. Benscoin Allocated Assets (Transparency Analyst)
    60.000.000 BSC (Allocated as Locked Distributed Assets)
    1.000.000 BSC (Allocated as Backed up Violated Units)
    -10.000.000 BSC (has been distribute as Donations and Rewards in the Market and Community)

    Calculated by Benscoin Protocol

Protocol Mechanism ?
the Protocol is to ensure that every BSC have the worth of real-Value that also going to be backed up demands and agreements

the DeFi system Network

the Defi works under Decentralized world, with global open-source , we do support on the Benscoin are mean to use for Financial Problematic and Program of earning profits, with this deal and agreements from demands, we will put 80% supply of Benscoin to be used under Trading platform, peer-to-peer transactions, and many more for many optional use cases, so Benscoin are really worth of cash system from Decentralized world (with base on very Secured Protocol).

Beni Syahroni, S.Pd.I
(the Founder of Benscoin)

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