Team of Benscoin

Beni Syahroni,S.Pd.I

CEO & Founder of Benscoin

Beni is the CEO and Founder of Benscoin, he create Benscoin for DeFi Crisis, the Business he made is succed into DeFi for almost 83%, he succed made the First round of DeFi to be Works on many platforms.

Nur Sofia

Mrs Nur are the Developer of Benscoin, he develop the Main part mechanism of Benscoin system.


Mr Samsudin is the Advisor for Benscoin for better project, and has been Experience in the big 4 Company on Indonesia


•Public Relations
He is the Public Relations for Benscoin Holders, base from the jobs of Relations, he succed to procced the best lead Relations on Benscoin

Ibrahim Wahidi

Ibrahim is the Marketing of Social Network in Benscoin Cryptocurrency, bringing the Newest feeds from Benscoin

Ahmad Syauqi

Ahmad Syauqi are the Lead Consultant of Benscoin, he leads the Program of Consultant to the Demands